Turkish Airlines has a very useful app that will help when you’re traveling with their airline.  “Book a Flight” feature comes with a built-in map that helps for visual folks, showing you recent flight searches, and the option to save some to favorites. “Check-In” is simply done with your first and last name plus an E-Ticket or Reservation number.

The app also has a “Pay & Fly” feature but isn’t clear on what that is. You need your reservation number to access this section. You are also able to check on an existing flight’s status if you know the route or flight number. Even if you don’t, you can look it up with airport information, and a general sense of departure time, which is something unique to the airline. The homepage also features several images of destinations they fly to and prices to get to that destination, sometimes listed out in Turkish airfare, other times in USD.

On the secondary menu (easily accessed with a swipe up or to the left), you can click on “All Offers” to find flights listed out by price or A-Z destination. These can be filtered by airport, but most offers will come from Istanbul, their hub.

If you would like to book a hotel, you are able to do so through the app and are also able to indicate if it is a work trip or not. You can book on the app and pay at the property if you would like. You are also able to track your bags, which is a feature most airlines don’t offer on their mobile apps. Another feature Turkish airlines include that many other airlines leave out of their apps are terminal maps of their most popular destinations and airports. Many hubs around the world are listed on Turkish Airlines’ app. There is a significant load time (~30 seconds) to view the map but it’s an extremely helpful tool if you have never been to the airport before, or will spend time in transit on a connecting flight.  It shows you every terminal, and you can even zoom in to see where the gates are. It shows you different levels of the airports, too, and shares which floor departure or arrivals is on, making your transit as clear as possible.

Lastly, the settings feature allows for a lot of customization features that make the app experience much smoother. You can choose your language, favorite airport(s), save yourself as a passenger (even if you are not a frequent flyer Miles & Smiles member), and choose which unit you’d like the temperature to appear in. This is great for Americans, as you can toggle over to Farenheight and not have to worry about doing the conversion in your head! If you are looking for contact information, you can find that on settings as well, but this clicks out to their website, which makes it hard to read on mobile. If you are okay with zooming in to view the numbers, you can click around their website (still built into the app) and find your local office for customer service. If they made this easier, it would make the app nearly perfect.


Olivia Poglianich

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