According to an analysis by the e-commerce consulting and research company Flexponsives following a study of over 50,000 reviews of the major European airline apps, the SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) app for Android was ranked #1 over a broad array of categories. Having extensively reviewed the app ourselves, it’s difficult to argue with this assessment provided by Flexponsives. With regular updates which add speed and additional features numerous times each year it’s difficult to see how this will change anytime soon. While the app is attractive and offers what you’ve come to expect from airline specific applications the SAS app features a number of bells and whistles that seemingly integrate seamlessly with both the app and other offerings on your Android device like calendar and more. All in all, this is a tremendously engineered app with only one real downside that we found…presently the app doesn’t allow bookings from the United States.


SAS Android App Features

It’s quite possible that before this review is uploaded for you to read, SAS will have released another update adding additional features as the do roughly six times a year. As it stands, the app allows you to book flights, check-in online and select your seat. For whatever reason, a number of airline apps make you go through the additional step of downloading your boarding pass but with the SAS app this, thankfully, happens automatically after seat selection and check-in. Additionally, after check-in, the app will instantaneously download maps of all airports that you are booked through so you can use this offline if you don’t have access to the internet at any point during your trip.

  • With over 180 destinations worldwide it’s no surprise that the app offers booking within the app, it is, however, a bit surprising that they don’t allow you to book flights from the United States. Minus this one feature, this truly is a fantastic app.
  • Beginning 22 hours before your flight, the app offers you a wide range of reading material that can be downloaded from your home, office or hotel using WiFi for offline access later. This includes newspapers in dozens of languages including The Financial Times and New York Times among others. Magazines and books are also available for free download.
  • The app offers a nice hotel booking service as well as the ability to contact customer service within the app, whereas the majority of airline apps simply open external browsers.
  • The app has a section devoted to your EuroBonus points and allows you to make purchases in-flight or use your EuroPoints to book another flight.
  • The app provides fantastic city maps of its destinations and even allows your friends to guide you to their favorite bars and restaurants with the SAS Remap feature.

SAS Android App Overall

This is, quite simply, one of the best apps put out by a carrier and is a must download for anyone flying Scandinavian Airlines. There are few better on the market and the reading material alone will make your next flight fly by as it were.






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