Iberia Airlines, the flag carrier of Spain’s airline industry, is known for its outstanding customer service worldwide with its web of flights that reaches 89 destinations excluding its subsidiaries’ reach. Not surprisingly, for an airline that prides itself on its service and personal touch, this corporate culture extends to its Android application available for download at the Google Play Store and should be downloaded immediately by anyone planning on flying with the airline in the near future. Most airline apps on paper are roughly the same but their functionality varies from app to app with some offering nothing more than a loosely veiled portal to a mobile site. This is, quite simply, not the case with the Iberia Airlines app which offers the standard booking, check-in, downloadable boarding passes and much much more. It works as advertised in this reviewer’s opinion and rarely if ever crashes while functioning quite quickly compared to other offerings on the market. It’s a good looking app that is a treat to browse through while waiting for your flight and is chock-full of destination information and more.


Iberia Airlines App Features

The app will, of course, work on any tablet or smartphone running a current version of Android. While it looks spectacular on a tablet, fewer and fewer people see this as tablets are being used less and less as phone storage gets larger and screens get bigger. Either way, this is a splendid offering from Iberia.

  • As mentioned above, the app does a great job of allowing you to quickly view Iberia’s full flight itinerary at the touch of a button and booking couldn’t be much smoother. Check-in works flawlessly and allows you to select your preferred seat and will get you as close as possible when check-in opens up 24 hours before your flight is expected to board. Like most airline apps, downloadable boarding passes are available to save yourself a line if not checking a bag.
  • Push notifications are sent to app owners if there are any changes to your flight time, anticipated boarding gate, etc. Additionally, you have access to all this information with a single push of the button as you’re making your way to the airport.
  • The hotel booking options contained within the app are as good as any on the market. The Iberia app allows you to book hotels in over 200 countries and in total allows for bookings at more than 1.2 million locations.
  • The Iberia app also offers easy access to the airline’s mobile site as well as it’s additional app offerings like onboard entertainment, parking reminders, and the Iberia selfie app that I can’t for the life of me see any utility in using.
  • Full access to Iberia Plus miles and rewards information.


Iberia App for Android Overview

Quite simply, this is one of the best airline specific applications for Android on the market. If you’re planning to fly on Iberia anytime in the near future this app is a must have and likely one that you won’t delete after your flight as the hotel booking option in the app is as good as a stand alone hotel app.


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