In theory, the myAustrian Air Android app offers exactly what you would expect from a mobile app specific to a single airline. It affords its users with up-to-the-minute departure and arrival times along with push notifications in the event of any changes. Additionally, users are granted easy access to their boarding passes for ease of boarding. Not surprisingly, and like most mobile apps offered by airlines, users can search flights and special offers and have the ability to book flights found within the app all from their smartphones. It’s a simple, graceful, fast app that should work for most customers, however, if one were to look at the Google Play store, there are a lot of complaints which sees it rated at 2.9 out of 5 stars.

What the myAustian App offers on Android

  • Flight booking is something that you would expect from a company that takes the time to build an app for its customers and sure enough there it as, well, that’s where the money comes from for the airline. You’re also allowed to select your seat, generally within 24 hours of your flight, as well as the ability to upgrade your flight. This flight booking option is not limited to simply purchasing a ticket but also allows users to buy insurance and search for rental car offers at your arrival airport.
  • The app allows you to select seats at check-in with additional leg room, add extra baggage and again upgrade to business class and as mentioned in the introduction, you’ll be given access to your electronic boarding pass within the app which is fairly standard for apps such as this from Austrian’s competitors.
  • Users of the app can safely store their preferred payment choices and additional information that will make future bookings easier like passport number and perhaps most importantly, their Miles & More card number for reward reaping.
  • The app provides updated flight information by simply entering your departure airport. You will also have access to the airline’s full timetable if you need to buy or change a connecting flight upon arrival.
  • Lastly, the app offers the airlines best deals as well as a news portal that allows you to stay abreast of weather and other issues that could potentially affect your flight.

myAustrian Overview

A quick look at the Google Play store will show a wealth of complaints but in this reviewers minds many of them must have been addressed as a number of the problems described seemed to have been addressed by the company. That said, any questions you may have to ask of the airline will find the app simply taking you to the company’s mobile friendly website and this occurs when the app is struggling as well. Often the app, is no more than a gateway to the website rather than a time saving all in one app. In a nutshell, it’s a good app when functioning though it is bereft of many extras offered by other airlines to its customers.


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