Norwegian prompts you to sign in or create a profile but also lets you continue as a guest if you’d prefer.  The second screen lets you book a flight or add an existing reservation. There is also an extended menu option in the top left corner, with the following features: Sign In, Create Profile, My travels, Book Flight, Add Existing boOKING, Contact Us, Flight Status, and Settings.

The “Settings” tab only lets you choose a language but should also let you choose local currency. The local currency corresponds to your selected language (thus, there’s a difference between UK and US English) but if you wanted to browse for the price in Euros, this would be hard to do.

If you choose to enable location services, under the Flight Status tab, the app will show you Airports that are close to you. You are still able to search for an airport (just one) and delineate on the next screen whether this is the departure or arrival airport. You are only able to search for incoming or outbound flights for today or tomorrow. Additionally, the app will show which flight(s) are due at a certain airport with their flight name, status as On Time or Delayed (or Canceled), and departure time/arrival time, but will not let you click on the flight to find out any further information.

The “Contact Us” tab lists several phone numbers by country, very clearly accessible. You can click on the number directly from the app to make a phone call to their customer service department.

You can book a new flight from the app with the option to select specific dates or toggle between the Low Fare Calendar, allowing you to choose dates based on price. It is not as robust as their calendar on the website (you will not be able to search for low fares without knowing your chosen destination) but it still serves as a useful secondary search engine. It does let you select from one-way, round trip or direct flights, but not fare class or code.

If you have an existing reservation, you are able to look that up with a confirmation code and your last name, even if you are not signed in as a Norwegian Air frequent flyer. Once you are 24 hours away from your flight, your boarding pass will be available right there on the app. Until then, you can look up how many bags come with your ticket (did you pay extra to check a bag? it’s not included in the airfare), as well as your flight number and the option to add your flight to your phone’s calendar.

The app doesn’t include a FAQ page or many details about baggage, airfare, or other detailed questions many passengers would like to know about. It would also be useful if the app showed cheap destinations or current on sale flights, as well as a route map or more information about the key airports they fly into. The app is somewhat useful for someone with an existing reservation but serves a greater purpose for frequent travelers with Norwegian and those who elect to sign into their account.


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  1. MM says:

    I have downloaded the app for Android but there is no way to add into profile the personal “reward number” that I’ve got earlier…..? So the app is useless from this point of view…? If there is a way to do this , please inform

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