Swiss International Airlines AG is simply stylized as SWISS to distinguish itself from the bankrupt SwissAir which it replaced as the national airline of the alpine country in 2002. Using Zurich as its hub, SWISS flies to 102 destinations with its 80+ airplane fleet. Just as you would expect from the Swiss and its famed watchmaking and precision, the SWISS Android app is efficient, fast and a must have for those flying on the airline.

What the SWISS Android App Offers Customers

  • Just like most airline apps, the SWISS app gives customers the ability to book flights within in the app. Unlike most airline apps, this is a ridiculously simple, robust platform for booking your next flight. The itinerary couldn’t be more up-to-date when searching for flights, and it’s own of the easiest booking apps to use on the market. Once a flight is booked, the app is also tremendously helpful in allowing you to augment your trips with hotel deals and suggestions as well as offering the same for those looking to rent a car. In addition to booking flights, the app does a great job with changes and upgrades.
  • Check in with the SWISS app for Android couldn’t be easier with up to the minute seat selection, that allows you to both choose a seat and change it if you decide you don’t actually wish to sit my the window or have a meeting moved up and you need to deplane earlier. And, of course, with this wonderfully streamlined application, upgrading your flight is a snap.
  • The interface which provides updates on flight time changes, as well as departure gates, is just as you would expect, exact not unlike Swiss trains that always run on time. But unlike the trains, air travel is full of unexpected changes owing to traffic, weather and airport needs so it’s quite important to have an app that you know is providing you with perfectly up-to-date information.
  • While most stand alone airline apps offer you the opportunity to upload your virtual boarding pass, few make accessing it as easy as the SWISS app. Once it’s in the app, you need only get to the home screen, shake your Android device and voila, there it is. No need to hunt through multiple tabs.
  • The SWISS app also provides fantastic information on your destination city by calling on the recommendations of the airline’s staff, which no each destination city quite well as they are often laid over there until the next day’s flight to another city. This section provides advice on bars, site-seeing, hotels, restaurants and more when you simply track your current trip.

SWISS App Overview

All in all, this airline app is a must and really couldn’t get much better. It’s easy to use, sleek and fast but also provides a single destination to book hotels, rental cars while giving the airline’s staff a place to show you the city that they likely know better than you do. This app is a must when flying with SWISS.


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