WestJet is Canada’s second largest carrier after, fittingly, Air Canada. As a result, the company has created its airline specific app to assist the roughly 45,000 that fly with the carrier each day throughout Canada, as well as its regular international destinations as well as its seasonal offerings as Canadians and others in-country, look to leave the frozen tundra of the Canadian winter. For those flying with WestJet, this app is certainly helpful and offers quite a robustness in the extras it provides beyond booking, flight information and other features that most companies offer.

What the WestJet App Offers Android Users

  • WestJet, rightfully, would love you to book more flights with the airline so when you first open the application you’ll find yourself immediately viewing the airline’s cheapest flight on the home screen and from there you’re able to book future flights while on the go or simply waiting to board at the gate.
  • With these extra flights that the airline would love you to purchase comes the task of making sure you reap your rewards and WestJet’s app for Android allows you to sign in to immediately see your WestJet Rewards dollars balance, while granting you access to monitor you tier status, view the rewards you’ll reap on your present flight. Additionally, if you booked your flight using your WestJet ID, these flights will automatically find their way to the app for up to date rewards information.
  • WestJet Connect is a fantastic offering of in-flight entertainment with over 600 hours available to its customers and with the app installed on either your Android smartphone or tablet all of these movies, tv shows, and satellite news offerings will be in the palm of your hand.  Most WestJet flights have charging stations in each seat so you needn’t worry about running your device down and if you forget your charging cable, most flights offer them for sale. The WestJet Connect portion of the also offers you the ability to see your flight map and even purchase in-flight internet if you just can’t live without being connected.
  • Beginning 24 hours before your flight, the app allows for check-in as you would expect from any airlines app, as well as being able to download/upload your boarding pass to your phone or tablet. Additionally, when you view your flights in the app you’re given a real-time countdown, the ability to add future flights to your calendar and ask your friends and family by email (your contacts) if they would like to go with you.
  • As you would expect, flight status tracking is available through the app so you’re aware of delays, cancellations and gate changes.

WestJet App Overview

In addition to all the features listed above, the app also gives a fair amount of travel info like baggage allowances, weather and more. Unlike a number of airline apps on the market, your feedback and comments are solicited by the airlines and it’s easy to share your thoughts within the app itself rather than simply being sent to the airline’s web page. If you’re flying WestJet, you would do yourself a big favor downloading this offering.

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  1. Brian says:

    Wondering why through Google Play why I can’t get the App on my Samsung Tab E so to enjoy connectivity with WestJet Connect while flying to London this week?

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