Air Canada Android App

The Air Canada app for devices running current versions of Android, while fairly bare bones, provides users with just about everything they need if flying Air Canada once or considerably more regularly. While there are a number of apps for Android that offer the same features for multiple airlines, there is something nice about having an app specific to a given airline and Air Canada provides one that runs quite smoothly and quickly.

What The App Offers


Like a number of airline specific app offerings, the Air Canada app provides travelers with quite a bit in the palm of their hands including:


  • The home screen allows you to see each and every flight you have booked with the airline when you open the app in addition to providing you with push notifications that keep you up-to-date with any booking changes, cancellations, delays, gate changes as well as check in and boarding reminders if you find yourself questioning whether you have time for one more overpriced beer before entering that aluminum-skinned conveyance.


  • If you take the time to link your Air Canada app to your Aeroplan, the app will keep the two synced so you can view your rewards. Unfortunately, you won’t see those rewards in the app itself but need to access the Aeroplan website or app. While helpful, it’s an extra step and if you look at Aeroplan’s app reviews in the Google Play Store you’ll find it’s by no means the ideal app with many panning it’s frequent crashes.


  • The app allows you the ease of downloading your electronic boarding pass for check in as well the opportunity to download a digital version of your Altitude membership card to gain access to lounges if you qualify.


  • For those that would ever wish to purchase Air Canada products, the app does provide a secure location for your preferred payment options and information in this largely forgettable feature.


  • Air Canada Rouge viewing is provided by the app so you can listen and view its limited In-Flight Entertainment options. As most flights don’t offer a backseat or overhead viewing option this is helpful, but it’s public knowledge that Rouge doesn’t offer much in the way of robustness.


  • The app does allow for the purchasing of future flights as well as their management including cancellations, changes, and seat selection.


 Given the existence of some absolutely fantastic airline apps available and some equally dreadful ones, Air Canada should be viewed as an average student capable of C+ work when it applies itself. If you’re planning a trip on Air Canada, but don’t regularly fly the airline, it’s something that could prove helpful ahead of your trip and something that you will likely delete within hours of your completed trip. Sure, mobile phone storage grows exponentially each year but you can always download it again rather than cluttering up your phone. Once you’ve signed up, assuming you remember your passport, everything should be there when you need its assistance in the future.

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