There really are no meaningful takeaways from app reviews in the Google Play Store. It’s for this reason that we take the time to download each as well as create accounts and look at the app’s functionality. While there a few apps that are just panned and often with good reason as there are a few that people rave about, the majority of reviews are simply one or five stars. It seems that anyone who has even the smallest problem is happy to rip into the app and assign it the lowest possible score, while others seem to find it perfect. While this doesn’t make a tremendous amount of sense, it is the case by and large. It’s also the case with the South African Airways app. This reviewer found the app quite functional, while also quite feature-rich in its offerings. While not the prettiest on the market, its speed, and features quickly made up for this fact.

South African Airways App Features

In addition to standard airline app features like flight tracking, booking, check-in, this app also gives you a number of added features.

  • South African Airways, post-apartheid, was really able to expand its reach when its host country saw the world dropping its sanctions allowing for the addition of a number of routes and destinations. This app does a fantastic job explaining all that your arrival city has to offer including its history, hotels, things-to-do, restaurants, bars and nightlife and more.


  • When you find an airline you like, many fliers and frequent travelers prefer to stick with it as a way to build rewards to use on the ground and those all-important miles to accumulate for free flights or at least the occasional upgrade. To this end, many airlines including South African Airways have begun offering dedicated pages and notifications to show travelers real-time “best price” flight options to destinations that might not otherwise have been in their customers’ thoughts or mind. SAA allows you to browse and book these quick deals easily from the app.


  • Like most airlines, and certainly most Star Alliance members, the app lets you track, in real-time, your Voyager Miles and Voyager Status.


  • Once again, everything you would expect from an airline specific app is also there. It’s easy to follow, log-in is a snap and you’ll get all the notifications and real-time information you need to comfortably track your flights, choose your seat ahead of your flight and look at full itineraries if you’re unlucky enough to miss a flight.

South Africa Airways App Overview

Expect “reviewers” to rubbish an app if they have the slightest problem. This reviewer didn’t see anything worth criticism while spending a good deal of time with it. The internet gives everyone an opinion, but most aren’t paid to do it and actually, take the time to look at its speed functionality and features. “Couldn’t log in, this is horrible, don’t bother.” Thanks, Sara G., but I disagree with you on this one and would happily download if flying this airline.


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