A red flag from the start, when you click on GoAir for the first time, your phone will send you a pop up saying “GoAir may slow down your iPhone. The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility.” Knowing that, if you’re in a time crunch, it may be worth a download before a flight, and delete it when your flight’s complete.

The home screen allows for all the essentials from booking a flight and checking in, to a contact us page, flight schedules, and a flight plus hotel booking option.

The load time is significant and the app has a lot of glitches. Some things are cut off and not very legible, while others are easy to access. The app expects you to log in before you can book any flights but that’s not a requirement for checking on a flight’s status. You can check based on departure or arrival, by flight number, and by city. The design has not been perfected yet, as some fonts are too big for the boxes they sit in and some elements are not easy to read. When looking up a flight’s status, there is too much information that comes up for the mobile experience, causing a lot of text on the screen. It does show a scheduled time and estimated time of arrival, which is helpful, especially if a flight will be a few minutes early. Most airlines would simply call that flight “On Time,” but it’s good to know if you are picking up a passenger, even if they will be just 10 minutes early.

The flight Schedules tab is useful for a certain airport, perhaps if you can’t quite remember flight details on your arrival or departure and need to look up your flight number. Or if you are interested in flying out of a certain destination but haven’t booked the flights yet. Again, it has way more information on the screen than nessecary for mobile, but it’s useful to look at when booking a new flight. It also shows if these flights are seasonal, and if so, which dates the flight will be effective for.

There is a tab for Go News that looks incomplete. The intention of ths section is to showcase flight deals, how long they will last, how much they will cost, and any other relevant news about the airline. However, if you click on any of the articles, they don’t work yet.

Their “Contact Us” page is easy to locate and indicates two phone numbers (Customer Care and Telephone Check-In). There is no information on international calling, and whether or not calling these numbers from outside of India will charge your carrier extra (they probably will). There is an email address listed for Customer Feedback, but no clear email or way to communicate with Go Air for international customers.

Overall, the app needs a lot of work. In some places, information doesn’t pop up at all, while in others, it has too much info. With a few fixes, this may be a great addition to your phone in time, but for now, you are probably better off booking from their website.

Olivia Poglianich

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