The Egyptair app for Android is stunningly beautiful in its presentation in sand and dark blue colors while also providing a robust platform for its customers to use on their Android devices. The app provides users with all that you would expect from an airline app with the ability to book and track flights and much, much more in a speedy and sexy app available for free at the Google Play store and other spaces on the Internet. If you’re flying EgyptAir in the near future make sure that its companion app has a place on your smartphone before leaving for the airport.

EgyptAir Android App Features

There are very few Android apps for airlines, which offer more features than EgyptAir and few do it faster in a more attractive package. For anyone flying EgyptAir, you’ll be doing yourself a big services by downloading this Android package.

  • Just as most Android apps for airlines allow for booking of flights, EgyptAir offers this with aplomb with the opportunity to search full itineraries, upgrade your flight, check-in 24 hours before your flight to select a seat and save you the trouble of a line as well as providing a section that shows the best and lowest fares the airline is presently offering. While EgyptAir is the flagship carrier of a fairly small carrier, the airline services four continents and offers over 75 destinations and like most airline apps, you’ll have immediate access to your e-boarding pass.
  • The app is full of FAQs on things like EgyptAir’s lounges (if eligible), baggage information, contact information and much much more. Additionally, there is a fantastic destination guide that covers each of EgyptAir’s destinations including history, things to see and do, dining options, bars and nightlife, shopping and more.
  • Access to your EgyptAir Plus account to see where you stand with your rewards and miles as well as partner information in order for you to earn miles and savings when you’re on the ground.
  • The app also allows for you to book hotels and rental cars in each of the destination cities that EgyptAir flies to each week with a number of discounted options once you’ve signed-up for EgyptAir Plus.

EgyptAir Android App Overview

While nearly every airline offers and app for Android, few if any do it better that EgyptAir. It’s far from a barebones app that simply allows check-in, seat selection, and bookings. This app offers so much more and is a must have for regular EgyptAir travelers. Even if you’re flying EgyptAir for the first time, this app is certainly worth the price of admission (free) from the Google Play store. It’s beautiful and in addition to what you’ve come to expect from your run-of-the-mill app, you’re offered so much more and waiting to board should come sooner than expected as the app offers hours of features to get you ready for your landing in one of the many cities serviced by this airline.

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