If you were to read the reviews of the Air China mobile app for Android at the Google Play store, you likely wouldn’t download it. While a number of the complaints are valid, most are critical of the lack of English language support. This, however, has changed with the ability to now use it in English. That, however, comes with a few caveats. The app is considerably more functional in Mandarin and gives you access to considerably more features including voice recognition that is not available for English speakers. Additionally, the app is not only more functional in Mandarin but it’s also faster. You should not that logging into this app does require a mobile number from a Chinese carrier, so for many that may prove to be a non-starter. Last warning, the password selection is difficult at best as it only allows for the use of numbers.

Features of China Airlines Android App

While the app offers considerably more than the features outlined below, we’ve largely stuck to the features available in English. Additionally, if you happen to read Mandarin, it’s advisable to download the English version when traveling to China and then delete and download again from China to unlock these additional features that include online shopping, city guides and much, much more. While it’s nice of China’s national carrier to offer an English language option, it’s not nearly the app available to those comfortable with Mandarin.

  • Like most airline apps with this offering, you will hold in your hands the ability to book flights on this large airline that services over 150 cities in well over 50 countries within the app itself. You’ll also have the ability to see gate changes, delays and everything else related to your flight sent to your phone through a series of notifications in the event of flight changes.
  • Robust Member Rewards Tracking allows users to track their PhoenixMiles, see potential rewards, delete and remove people who can use these rewards and integrates your device’s camera for taking photos and receiving retroactive miles.
  • Like most airline-specific apps, selecting a seat and check-in is available to save yourself at least one line that you would otherwise need to wait in at the airport. Additionally, you can select your preferred seat well in advance and the app will select it for you when check-in becomes available.
  • Many additional features also exist but once again, in order to get the most of this app you’ll need to be able to read Mandarin.

China Air App Summary

If you’re planning on spending time in China, this app is well worth the download as each week the airline offers around 1.3 million seats to its customers servicing China and a number of other countries around the world. While there are a number of negative reviews at the Google Play store, it appears that China Air has really beefed up their app since its release and have improved it greatly. It never hurts to try it, you can always delete it if it doesn’t suit your purposes.




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