Unless you live in New Zealand or Australasia, you’ll likely not be keeping Air New Zealand’s mobile app for Android on your phone for very long beyond the few flights you’re likely to board with the airline as the company’s reach is certainly limited. That said, for the small national airline of a very small country in its own right, the Air New Zealand app for Android is quick, robust and offers customers of the airline something that is certainly worth a download, if only to remove it when you return to your home likely not serviced by the airline.

What Air New Zealand Has To Offer

While the Air New Zealand app is not the most feature-rich airline specific app out there but what it does do for you, it does quite well in a fast running, smooth manner. Again, the app doesn’t offer much in the way of bells and whistles, but many prefer that air travel goes as hassle free as this app.

  • Like nearly every airline specific app, the Air New Zealand app offers real-time updates on cancellations, delays and gate changes among other vital information that could potentially affect your flight.
  • Also like most airline apps, you’ll have offline access to your boarding pass, but with Air New Zealand you can scan your boarding pass to create checked baggage tags, board your flight as well as enter lounges if you’re eligible to enjoy said comfort.
  • Online check-in couldn’t be much more efficient using this app. Additionally, changes and additional bookings are made as easy as possible. To the former, if your preferred seat is not available there is an option to be notified if, for example, an aisle or window seat becomes available after your selected your preferred alternative seat.
  • The Air New Zealand app has a special section which shows the airlines Best Fares if you’re looking to book a last minute vacation.
  • The app allows your flights to seamlessly be added to your calendar, or share your details with others.
  • When packing for your next flight, the app allows you to see an extended weather outlook in your destination city all while simply pulling up your flight.
  • This app makes it a snap to track your Airpoints Dollars™ within the app and even offers you the opportunity to find Airports Partners so you can potentially save big when on the ground.

Air New Zealand App Overview

For a smaller airline, the Air New Zealand app is a big winner. We see a lot of airline apps here but rarely are as impressed as we are with this one. Navigation is a snap and the app is as quick as your device can run it. All the features you would expect and others you’ll simply grow to love make this download a must before setting out on your next trip with Air New Zealand. Regular customers of the airline will love having all this information and assistance in the palm of their hands.






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