SAS Scandinavian Airlines

According to an analysis by the e-commerce consulting and research company Flexponsives following a study of over 50,000 reviews of the major European airline apps, the SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) app for Android was ranked #1 over a broad array of categories. Having extensively reviewed the app ourselves, it’s difficult to argue with this assessment provided by Flexponsives. With regular updates which add speed and additional features numerous times each year it’s difficult to see how this will change anytime soon. While the app is attractive and offers what you’ve come to expect from airline specific applications the SAS app features a number of bells and whistles that seemingly integrate seamlessly with both the app and other offerings on your Android device like calendar and more. All in all, this is a tremendously engineered app with only one real downside that we found…presently the app doesn’t allow bookings from the United States.


SAS Android App Features

It’s quite possible that before this review is uploaded for you to read, SAS will have released another update adding additional features as the do roughly six times a year. As it stands, the app allows you to book flights, check-in online and select your seat. For whatever reason, a number of airline apps make you go through the additional step of downloading your boarding pass but with the SAS app this, thankfully, happens automatically after seat selection and check-in. Additionally, after check-in, the app will instantaneously download maps of all airports that you are booked through so you can use this offline if you don’t have access to the internet at any point during your trip.

  • With over 180 destinations worldwide it’s no surprise that the app offers booking within the app, it is, however, a bit surprising that they don’t allow you to book flights from the United States. Minus this one feature, this truly is a fantastic app.
  • Beginning 22 hours before your flight, the app offers you a wide range of reading material that can be downloaded from your home, office or hotel using WiFi for offline access later. This includes newspapers in dozens of languages including The Financial Times and New York Times among others. Magazines and books are also available for free download.
  • The app offers a nice hotel booking service as well as the ability to contact customer service within the app, whereas the majority of airline apps simply open external browsers.
  • The app has a section devoted to your EuroBonus points and allows you to make purchases in-flight or use your EuroPoints to book another flight.
  • The app provides fantastic city maps of its destinations and even allows your friends to guide you to their favorite bars and restaurants with the SAS Remap feature.

SAS Android App Overall

This is, quite simply, one of the best apps put out by a carrier and is a must download for anyone flying Scandinavian Airlines. There are few better on the market and the reading material alone will make your next flight fly by as it were.






Iberia Airlines Android App

Iberia Airlines, the flag carrier of Spain’s airline industry, is known for its outstanding customer service worldwide with its web of flights that reaches 89 destinations excluding its subsidiaries’ reach. Not surprisingly, for an airline that prides itself on its service and personal touch, this corporate culture extends to its Android application available for download at the Google Play Store and should be downloaded immediately by anyone planning on flying with the airline in the near future. Most airline apps on paper are roughly the same but their functionality varies from app to app with some offering nothing more than a loosely veiled portal to a mobile site. This is, quite simply, not the case with the Iberia Airlines app which offers the standard booking, check-in, downloadable boarding passes and much much more. It works as advertised in this reviewer’s opinion and rarely if ever crashes while functioning quite quickly compared to other offerings on the market. It’s a good looking app that is a treat to browse through while waiting for your flight and is chock-full of destination information and more.


Iberia Airlines App Features

The app will, of course, work on any tablet or smartphone running a current version of Android. While it looks spectacular on a tablet, fewer and fewer people see this as tablets are being used less and less as phone storage gets larger and screens get bigger. Either way, this is a splendid offering from Iberia.

  • As mentioned above, the app does a great job of allowing you to quickly view Iberia’s full flight itinerary at the touch of a button and booking couldn’t be much smoother. Check-in works flawlessly and allows you to select your preferred seat and will get you as close as possible when check-in opens up 24 hours before your flight is expected to board. Like most airline apps, downloadable boarding passes are available to save yourself a line if not checking a bag.
  • Push notifications are sent to app owners if there are any changes to your flight time, anticipated boarding gate, etc. Additionally, you have access to all this information with a single push of the button as you’re making your way to the airport.
  • The hotel booking options contained within the app are as good as any on the market. The Iberia app allows you to book hotels in over 200 countries and in total allows for bookings at more than 1.2 million locations.
  • The Iberia app also offers easy access to the airline’s mobile site as well as it’s additional app offerings like onboard entertainment, parking reminders, and the Iberia selfie app that I can’t for the life of me see any utility in using.
  • Full access to Iberia Plus miles and rewards information.


Iberia App for Android Overview

Quite simply, this is one of the best airline specific applications for Android on the market. If you’re planning to fly on Iberia anytime in the near future this app is a must have and likely one that you won’t delete after your flight as the hotel booking option in the app is as good as a stand alone hotel app.


EgyptAir Android App

The Egyptair app for Android is stunningly beautiful in its presentation in sand and dark blue colors while also providing a robust platform for its customers to use on their Android devices. The app provides users with all that you would expect from an airline app with the ability to book and track flights and much, much more in a speedy and sexy app available for free at the Google Play store and other spaces on the Internet. If you’re flying EgyptAir in the near future make sure that its companion app has a place on your smartphone before leaving for the airport.

EgyptAir Android App Features

There are very few Android apps for airlines, which offer more features than EgyptAir and few do it faster in a more attractive package. For anyone flying EgyptAir, you’ll be doing yourself a big services by downloading this Android package.

  • Just as most Android apps for airlines allow for booking of flights, EgyptAir offers this with aplomb with the opportunity to search full itineraries, upgrade your flight, check-in 24 hours before your flight to select a seat and save you the trouble of a line as well as providing a section that shows the best and lowest fares the airline is presently offering. While EgyptAir is the flagship carrier of a fairly small carrier, the airline services four continents and offers over 75 destinations and like most airline apps, you’ll have immediate access to your e-boarding pass.
  • The app is full of FAQs on things like EgyptAir’s lounges (if eligible), baggage information, contact information and much much more. Additionally, there is a fantastic destination guide that covers each of EgyptAir’s destinations including history, things to see and do, dining options, bars and nightlife, shopping and more.
  • Access to your EgyptAir Plus account to see where you stand with your rewards and miles as well as partner information in order for you to earn miles and savings when you’re on the ground.
  • The app also allows for you to book hotels and rental cars in each of the destination cities that EgyptAir flies to each week with a number of discounted options once you’ve signed-up for EgyptAir Plus.

EgyptAir Android App Overview

While nearly every airline offers and app for Android, few if any do it better that EgyptAir. It’s far from a barebones app that simply allows check-in, seat selection, and bookings. This app offers so much more and is a must have for regular EgyptAir travelers. Even if you’re flying EgyptAir for the first time, this app is certainly worth the price of admission (free) from the Google Play store. It’s beautiful and in addition to what you’ve come to expect from your run-of-the-mill app, you’re offered so much more and waiting to board should come sooner than expected as the app offers hours of features to get you ready for your landing in one of the many cities serviced by this airline.

South African Airways Android App

There really are no meaningful takeaways from app reviews in the Google Play Store. It’s for this reason that we take the time to download each as well as create accounts and look at the app’s functionality. While there a few apps that are just panned and often with good reason as there are a few that people rave about, the majority of reviews are simply one or five stars. It seems that anyone who has even the smallest problem is happy to rip into the app and assign it the lowest possible score, while others seem to find it perfect. While this doesn’t make a tremendous amount of sense, it is the case by and large. It’s also the case with the South African Airways app. This reviewer found the app quite functional, while also quite feature-rich in its offerings. While not the prettiest on the market, its speed, and features quickly made up for this fact.

South African Airways App Features

In addition to standard airline app features like flight tracking, booking, check-in, this app also gives you a number of added features.

  • South African Airways, post-apartheid, was really able to expand its reach when its host country saw the world dropping its sanctions allowing for the addition of a number of routes and destinations. This app does a fantastic job explaining all that your arrival city has to offer including its history, hotels, things-to-do, restaurants, bars and nightlife and more.


  • When you find an airline you like, many fliers and frequent travelers prefer to stick with it as a way to build rewards to use on the ground and those all-important miles to accumulate for free flights or at least the occasional upgrade. To this end, many airlines including South African Airways have begun offering dedicated pages and notifications to show travelers real-time “best price” flight options to destinations that might not otherwise have been in their customers’ thoughts or mind. SAA allows you to browse and book these quick deals easily from the app.


  • Like most airlines, and certainly most Star Alliance members, the app lets you track, in real-time, your Voyager Miles and Voyager Status.


  • Once again, everything you would expect from an airline specific app is also there. It’s easy to follow, log-in is a snap and you’ll get all the notifications and real-time information you need to comfortably track your flights, choose your seat ahead of your flight and look at full itineraries if you’re unlucky enough to miss a flight.

South Africa Airways App Overview

Expect “reviewers” to rubbish an app if they have the slightest problem. This reviewer didn’t see anything worth criticism while spending a good deal of time with it. The internet gives everyone an opinion, but most aren’t paid to do it and actually, take the time to look at its speed functionality and features. “Couldn’t log in, this is horrible, don’t bother.” Thanks, Sara G., but I disagree with you on this one and would happily download if flying this airline.


Virgin Atlantic App For Android

For a company whose partner Virgin Galactic plans to take people to space in the coming years, one might expect more from this app as it was developed on terra firma. While the Google Play store is a depository of negative reviews on nearly any app you download, this reviewer found the app’s usability to be quite impressive and would certainly download it before flying with Virgin Atlantic. At the end of the day, there is nothing in the terms of service that keep you from deleting it when you’re finished and any functionality issues take a back seat to simple complaining at the Google Play store, and as Virgin Atlantic doesn’t have a robust mobile site, this app is surely better than nothing.

Virgin Atlantic Android App Features

When downloading airline-specific applications, there are a few things that nearly everyone demands from the application and Virgin Atlantic certainly accomplishes this and more from its Android offering. This app is fast and smooth when working properly which from what we’ve seen is most of the time.

  • Responding to customer feedback, Virgin Atlantic has stepped up this app greatly since its release a couple of years ago and most recently with its update in February 2017. As you would expect the app allows for booking flights in-app to its near 30 destinations with its mixed fleet of Boeing and Airbus planes that is nearing 50 to make it the 6th largest UK airline. The moment a flight is booked you are also allowed to choose your seat when booking making rather than at check in which most apps limit to 24 hours before your flight.
  • The Virgin Atlantic App does a great job of providing maps, driving directions and more for each airport that the airline services.
  • As you would expect from any airline app you take the time to download, the Virgin Atlantic app provides push notifications each time something changes with your flight, whether that is a delay, cancellation or gate change.
  • For Flying Club members, this app is quite robust and allows you shop around as you fly or wait to board looking for partnership agreements that Virgin Atlantic has with a number of stores, hotels, rental car companies and more. There is a wealth of information here, which allows you to build up your miles even when not flying and often close to home. Checking your miles and rewards status is quite easy and allows you to access to your digital card whenever you need it.

Virgin Atlantic App Overview

While the app has been panned by reviewers at the Google Play store, Virgin Atlantic has done a decent job of responding to these complaints and offering updates to make the app run more fluidly. The big benefit of the app is its Flying Club information and the ability to add miles and your rewards without actually flying Virgin Atlantic. Upgrading your flights or booking with miles is easily done and the amount of on-the-ground partners is really quite impressive.


China Airlines Android App

If you were to read the reviews of the Air China mobile app for Android at the Google Play store, you likely wouldn’t download it. While a number of the complaints are valid, most are critical of the lack of English language support. This, however, has changed with the ability to now use it in English. That, however, comes with a few caveats. The app is considerably more functional in Mandarin and gives you access to considerably more features including voice recognition that is not available for English speakers. Additionally, the app is not only more functional in Mandarin but it’s also faster. You should not that logging into this app does require a mobile number from a Chinese carrier, so for many that may prove to be a non-starter. Last warning, the password selection is difficult at best as it only allows for the use of numbers.

Features of China Airlines Android App

While the app offers considerably more than the features outlined below, we’ve largely stuck to the features available in English. Additionally, if you happen to read Mandarin, it’s advisable to download the English version when traveling to China and then delete and download again from China to unlock these additional features that include online shopping, city guides and much, much more. While it’s nice of China’s national carrier to offer an English language option, it’s not nearly the app available to those comfortable with Mandarin.

  • Like most airline apps with this offering, you will hold in your hands the ability to book flights on this large airline that services over 150 cities in well over 50 countries within the app itself. You’ll also have the ability to see gate changes, delays and everything else related to your flight sent to your phone through a series of notifications in the event of flight changes.
  • Robust Member Rewards Tracking allows users to track their PhoenixMiles, see potential rewards, delete and remove people who can use these rewards and integrates your device’s camera for taking photos and receiving retroactive miles.
  • Like most airline-specific apps, selecting a seat and check-in is available to save yourself at least one line that you would otherwise need to wait in at the airport. Additionally, you can select your preferred seat well in advance and the app will select it for you when check-in becomes available.
  • Many additional features also exist but once again, in order to get the most of this app you’ll need to be able to read Mandarin.

China Air App Summary

If you’re planning on spending time in China, this app is well worth the download as each week the airline offers around 1.3 million seats to its customers servicing China and a number of other countries around the world. While there are a number of negative reviews at the Google Play store, it appears that China Air has really beefed up their app since its release and have improved it greatly. It never hurts to try it, you can always delete it if it doesn’t suit your purposes.




Air New Zealand App for Android

Unless you live in New Zealand or Australasia, you’ll likely not be keeping Air New Zealand’s mobile app for Android on your phone for very long beyond the few flights you’re likely to board with the airline as the company’s reach is certainly limited. That said, for the small national airline of a very small country in its own right, the Air New Zealand app for Android is quick, robust and offers customers of the airline something that is certainly worth a download, if only to remove it when you return to your home likely not serviced by the airline.

What Air New Zealand Has To Offer

While the Air New Zealand app is not the most feature-rich airline specific app out there but what it does do for you, it does quite well in a fast running, smooth manner. Again, the app doesn’t offer much in the way of bells and whistles, but many prefer that air travel goes as hassle free as this app.

  • Like nearly every airline specific app, the Air New Zealand app offers real-time updates on cancellations, delays and gate changes among other vital information that could potentially affect your flight.
  • Also like most airline apps, you’ll have offline access to your boarding pass, but with Air New Zealand you can scan your boarding pass to create checked baggage tags, board your flight as well as enter lounges if you’re eligible to enjoy said comfort.
  • Online check-in couldn’t be much more efficient using this app. Additionally, changes and additional bookings are made as easy as possible. To the former, if your preferred seat is not available there is an option to be notified if, for example, an aisle or window seat becomes available after your selected your preferred alternative seat.
  • The Air New Zealand app has a special section which shows the airlines Best Fares if you’re looking to book a last minute vacation.
  • The app allows your flights to seamlessly be added to your calendar, or share your details with others.
  • When packing for your next flight, the app allows you to see an extended weather outlook in your destination city all while simply pulling up your flight.
  • This app makes it a snap to track your Airpoints Dollars™ within the app and even offers you the opportunity to find Airports Partners so you can potentially save big when on the ground.

Air New Zealand App Overview

For a smaller airline, the Air New Zealand app is a big winner. We see a lot of airline apps here but rarely are as impressed as we are with this one. Navigation is a snap and the app is as quick as your device can run it. All the features you would expect and others you’ll simply grow to love make this download a must before setting out on your next trip with Air New Zealand. Regular customers of the airline will love having all this information and assistance in the palm of their hands.






SWISS Android App

Swiss International Airlines AG is simply stylized as SWISS to distinguish itself from the bankrupt SwissAir which it replaced as the national airline of the alpine country in 2002. Using Zurich as its hub, SWISS flies to 102 destinations with its 80+ airplane fleet. Just as you would expect from the Swiss and its famed watchmaking and precision, the SWISS Android app is efficient, fast and a must have for those flying on the airline.

What the SWISS Android App Offers Customers

  • Just like most airline apps, the SWISS app gives customers the ability to book flights within in the app. Unlike most airline apps, this is a ridiculously simple, robust platform for booking your next flight. The itinerary couldn’t be more up-to-date when searching for flights, and it’s own of the easiest booking apps to use on the market. Once a flight is booked, the app is also tremendously helpful in allowing you to augment your trips with hotel deals and suggestions as well as offering the same for those looking to rent a car. In addition to booking flights, the app does a great job with changes and upgrades.
  • Check in with the SWISS app for Android couldn’t be easier with up to the minute seat selection, that allows you to both choose a seat and change it if you decide you don’t actually wish to sit my the window or have a meeting moved up and you need to deplane earlier. And, of course, with this wonderfully streamlined application, upgrading your flight is a snap.
  • The interface which provides updates on flight time changes, as well as departure gates, is just as you would expect, exact not unlike Swiss trains that always run on time. But unlike the trains, air travel is full of unexpected changes owing to traffic, weather and airport needs so it’s quite important to have an app that you know is providing you with perfectly up-to-date information.
  • While most stand alone airline apps offer you the opportunity to upload your virtual boarding pass, few make accessing it as easy as the SWISS app. Once it’s in the app, you need only get to the home screen, shake your Android device and voila, there it is. No need to hunt through multiple tabs.
  • The SWISS app also provides fantastic information on your destination city by calling on the recommendations of the airline’s staff, which no each destination city quite well as they are often laid over there until the next day’s flight to another city. This section provides advice on bars, site-seeing, hotels, restaurants and more when you simply track your current trip.

SWISS App Overview

All in all, this airline app is a must and really couldn’t get much better. It’s easy to use, sleek and fast but also provides a single destination to book hotels, rental cars while giving the airline’s staff a place to show you the city that they likely know better than you do. This app is a must when flying with SWISS.


WestJet App For Android

WestJet is Canada’s second largest carrier after, fittingly, Air Canada. As a result, the company has created its airline specific app to assist the roughly 45,000 that fly with the carrier each day throughout Canada, as well as its regular international destinations as well as its seasonal offerings as Canadians and others in-country, look to leave the frozen tundra of the Canadian winter. For those flying with WestJet, this app is certainly helpful and offers quite a robustness in the extras it provides beyond booking, flight information and other features that most companies offer.

What the WestJet App Offers Android Users

  • WestJet, rightfully, would love you to book more flights with the airline so when you first open the application you’ll find yourself immediately viewing the airline’s cheapest flight on the home screen and from there you’re able to book future flights while on the go or simply waiting to board at the gate.
  • With these extra flights that the airline would love you to purchase comes the task of making sure you reap your rewards and WestJet’s app for Android allows you to sign in to immediately see your WestJet Rewards dollars balance, while granting you access to monitor you tier status, view the rewards you’ll reap on your present flight. Additionally, if you booked your flight using your WestJet ID, these flights will automatically find their way to the app for up to date rewards information.
  • WestJet Connect is a fantastic offering of in-flight entertainment with over 600 hours available to its customers and with the app installed on either your Android smartphone or tablet all of these movies, tv shows, and satellite news offerings will be in the palm of your hand.  Most WestJet flights have charging stations in each seat so you needn’t worry about running your device down and if you forget your charging cable, most flights offer them for sale. The WestJet Connect portion of the also offers you the ability to see your flight map and even purchase in-flight internet if you just can’t live without being connected.
  • Beginning 24 hours before your flight, the app allows for check-in as you would expect from any airlines app, as well as being able to download/upload your boarding pass to your phone or tablet. Additionally, when you view your flights in the app you’re given a real-time countdown, the ability to add future flights to your calendar and ask your friends and family by email (your contacts) if they would like to go with you.
  • As you would expect, flight status tracking is available through the app so you’re aware of delays, cancellations and gate changes.

WestJet App Overview

In addition to all the features listed above, the app also gives a fair amount of travel info like baggage allowances, weather and more. Unlike a number of airline apps on the market, your feedback and comments are solicited by the airlines and it’s easy to share your thoughts within the app itself rather than simply being sent to the airline’s web page. If you’re flying WestJet, you would do yourself a big favor downloading this offering.

Austrian Air Android App Review

In theory, the myAustrian Air Android app offers exactly what you would expect from a mobile app specific to a single airline. It affords its users with up-to-the-minute departure and arrival times along with push notifications in the event of any changes. Additionally, users are granted easy access to their boarding passes for ease of boarding. Not surprisingly, and like most mobile apps offered by airlines, users can search flights and special offers and have the ability to book flights found within the app all from their smartphones. It’s a simple, graceful, fast app that should work for most customers, however, if one were to look at the Google Play store, there are a lot of complaints which sees it rated at 2.9 out of 5 stars.

What the myAustian App offers on Android

  • Flight booking is something that you would expect from a company that takes the time to build an app for its customers and sure enough there it as, well, that’s where the money comes from for the airline. You’re also allowed to select your seat, generally within 24 hours of your flight, as well as the ability to upgrade your flight. This flight booking option is not limited to simply purchasing a ticket but also allows users to buy insurance and search for rental car offers at your arrival airport.
  • The app allows you to select seats at check-in with additional leg room, add extra baggage and again upgrade to business class and as mentioned in the introduction, you’ll be given access to your electronic boarding pass within the app which is fairly standard for apps such as this from Austrian’s competitors.
  • Users of the app can safely store their preferred payment choices and additional information that will make future bookings easier like passport number and perhaps most importantly, their Miles & More card number for reward reaping.
  • The app provides updated flight information by simply entering your departure airport. You will also have access to the airline’s full timetable if you need to buy or change a connecting flight upon arrival.
  • Lastly, the app offers the airlines best deals as well as a news portal that allows you to stay abreast of weather and other issues that could potentially affect your flight.

myAustrian Overview

A quick look at the Google Play store will show a wealth of complaints but in this reviewers minds many of them must have been addressed as a number of the problems described seemed to have been addressed by the company. That said, any questions you may have to ask of the airline will find the app simply taking you to the company’s mobile friendly website and this occurs when the app is struggling as well. Often the app, is no more than a gateway to the website rather than a time saving all in one app. In a nutshell, it’s a good app when functioning though it is bereft of many extras offered by other airlines to its customers.