For a company whose partner Virgin Galactic plans to take people to space in the coming years, one might expect more from this app as it was developed on terra firma. While the Google Play store is a depository of negative reviews on nearly any app you download, this reviewer found the app’s usability to be quite impressive and would certainly download it before flying with Virgin Atlantic. At the end of the day, there is nothing in the terms of service that keep you from deleting it when you’re finished and any functionality issues take a back seat to simple complaining at the Google Play store, and as Virgin Atlantic doesn’t have a robust mobile site, this app is surely better than nothing.

Virgin Atlantic Android App Features

When downloading airline-specific applications, there are a few things that nearly everyone demands from the application and Virgin Atlantic certainly accomplishes this and more from its Android offering. This app is fast and smooth when working properly which from what we’ve seen is most of the time.

  • Responding to customer feedback, Virgin Atlantic has stepped up this app greatly since its release a couple of years ago and most recently with its update in February 2017. As you would expect the app allows for booking flights in-app to its near 30 destinations with its mixed fleet of Boeing and Airbus planes that is nearing 50 to make it the 6th largest UK airline. The moment a flight is booked you are also allowed to choose your seat when booking making rather than at check in which most apps limit to 24 hours before your flight.
  • The Virgin Atlantic App does a great job of providing maps, driving directions and more for each airport that the airline services.
  • As you would expect from any airline app you take the time to download, the Virgin Atlantic app provides push notifications each time something changes with your flight, whether that is a delay, cancellation or gate change.
  • For Flying Club members, this app is quite robust and allows you shop around as you fly or wait to board looking for partnership agreements that Virgin Atlantic has with a number of stores, hotels, rental car companies and more. There is a wealth of information here, which allows you to build up your miles even when not flying and often close to home. Checking your miles and rewards status is quite easy and allows you to access to your digital card whenever you need it.

Virgin Atlantic App Overview

While the app has been panned by reviewers at the Google Play store, Virgin Atlantic has done a decent job of responding to these complaints and offering updates to make the app run more fluidly. The big benefit of the app is its Flying Club information and the ability to add miles and your rewards without actually flying Virgin Atlantic. Upgrading your flights or booking with miles is easily done and the amount of on-the-ground partners is really quite impressive.


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