The Fly Delta app is a fully featured airline app with many options and tools to make travel easier and more convenient for Delta passengers. When you enter the app, you are invited to sign in using your SkyMiles number or username or to continue as a guest.

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Once you log in or continue as a guest, you can view your trip information, book a flight or stay up to date with your travel plans. Delta offers an extremely useful flight booking tool with many capabilities. Unlike other apps, you can book a multi-city trip and you can add any extras you may need, such as in-flight WiFi or Priority boarding. Delta also allows you to book flights using your miles from the app. However, it is not a perfect process. There is a significant amount of load time when booking flights and we had several error messages pop up while trying to book flights during our test.

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The Delta app also has advanced features for flight check in that many other airline apps do not offer. For example, you can upgrade your seat while checking into your flight from the app. However, if you do upgrade your seat after you have checked in and downloaded your boarding pass, your boarding pass will not update with your new seat assignment. You will need to either delete your boarding pass and re-check in or go to a Delta desk to receive an updated boarding pass. Additionally, your boarding pass will not update if there are gate changes.

If you are a SkyMiles member, you can track your mileage from your My Delta feature. However, the SkyMiles card and airline miles tracker does not integrate with the Apple wallet or passbook.

The Today feature is one of the more sophisticated features of the app. In the Today tab, you can access everything you need for your travel day. You can quickly load your boarding pass, upgrade your seat or add on a flight extra, like WiFi. You can also track your bags or track connecting or departing flight information.

Delta also includes a Feed tab in the app to help you keep track of your travel notifications and follow arriving and departing flights. In the Feed, you can choose to follow flights. When you follow a flight, you will be automatically updated in your feed if your flight has changed gates or if check in or boarding is open for your flight.

Delta Airline flight tracker

Other extended features of the Delta app include airport maps, Delta Sky Club lounge locations and the ability to take and save a photo of your parking location so you remember where your car is when you return home from your trip.

No app is perfect and the Fly Delta has its glitches and quirks, like every other app, but from booking flights to adding upgrades and staying up to date, the Fly Delta app offers an array of capabilities and features that Delta passengers will love.

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    My son miss his flight it was at 6am this morning he was going to Columbia sc he said he got the next flight out at 10 o’clock to Columbia can you tell me if he got on it his name is Nathan rice thanks

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