The American Airlines app is a straightforward app with few frills. The homepage brings you the six main options to choose from: find trip/check in, flight status, book flights, track your bags, terminal maps and Admirals Club locations. You can also log into to your AAdvantage account or enroll in AAdvantage.

American Airlines app

When you book a flight on the American Airlines app, American will show you price options for your destination and selected dates so you have an idea of your price range as you are booking. The app will let you know what step you are at in the booking process (for example, Step 3 of 7) as you progress with your booking so you know how close you are to the end of the process. You do not have the ability to book multi-destination flights or use your AAdvantage miles when booking on the American Airlines app.

When you log into the American Airlines, it will save your information and send you push notifications about your upcoming flights, such as check in times or delays. You can manage your miles and track your Elite progress status from the American Airlines app when you are logged in. From the app you can also check in, change seats and download your mobile boarding pass and integrates with Apple wallet so that it pops up on your home screen the closer you get to your boarding time. You are also able to get additional information about your flight from Apple wallet, such as duration of the flight, if Wifi is available on your flight and monitor your place on the standby list. Your app will also automatically update if there are any changes to your flight status.American Airlines mobile app

The app includes a feature for you to track your bags as you fly so you don’t have to worry or wonder where your bags are while you fly.

The “Plan Travel” features is an additional helpful menu on the app where you can browse hotels, cars, activities and other helpful travel planning tools you may need for your trip. Whether you need a rental car or are looking to book activities for your vacation, you can search by location and book within the app.

You can also find important travel information within the app. You can learn more about the Admiral Club lounges and locate them in airports across the world, learn about special travel assistance or international travel updates.

American mobileThe app is not the easiest app to navigate. For example the travel information and plan travel options can not be found from the home page. You must be logged in or you can access them from the Track Your Bags or Flight Status pages by clicking the menu icon in the upper right corner and maneuvering in these submenus is slightly awkward as you have to keep returning to the main pages in order to browse these options.

Overall the American Airlines has many features that frequent flyers will enjoy. It can be improved with smoother navigation and easier.

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