Emirates App allows passengers to handle their necessary travel needs, including booking flights, check in online and manage your Emirates Skywards account.

Emirate Airline mobile app

One of the main features of the Emirates app is the option to book your flight. You can purchase one way or roundtrip and you can add on more passengers if you are booking for the whole family. The app will save your recent search if you have to stop and close the app in the middle of your search. You have the option to choose flexible dates so you can get even more results for your intended trip. The app will show you your lowest fare at the top of your search results page so you get a clear view up front about pricing.

It takes a bit of clicking around to actually choose your flight. Once you’ve put in your destinations and dates, you’ll be presented with available flights. You have to click on the flight you’re interested in and then click again on the actual level you are interesting in before you can confirm selection.


Once you’ve confirmed your flights, the Emirates app will show you a complete breakdown of your fares and how many points you can add Emirates allows you to Hold Your Fare for 72 hours from the payment page if you are still evaluating prices. This means you won’t be impacted if fares change but you will be charged a small holding fee while you hold the fare. If you purchase within 72 hours, the holding fee will be returned to you. The app also allows you to compare fares.

The app also takes care of you for your day off travel. You can check into your flight with the app and manage every aspect of your booking, from seat selection to dietary requirements. You can download your boarding pass into your Passbook for easy access or you can have it send via email to print or as an SMS text message. The app will send you notifications about your fight, check in times and flight schedule, should you choose to turn the notifications on. If you are a First or Business class customer, you will be able to book Emirates complimentary chauffeur service from the app as well.

Emirates App menu

The app is very useful for Emirates Skyawards members. You can use and redeem miles anytime you use the app, as well as manage your points, see your balance and your history usage. If you are not a Skyawards member, you can quickly join using the Emirates app.

The app will save your information so you can access it offline. You will be able to see your upcoming trips, flight status and booking information all from the ease of the app.

The Emirates app is not the most sophisticated airline app. It lacks many of the bells and whistles but it is a solid app that allows you to book and manage your booking and your account with very little problems.

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  1. Solomon says:

    Thanks for the Emirates experience that I have enjoyed for the past 10 years. However, I have experienced for the first time a terrible ordeal where I discovered that my bag was totally crashed on my flight from Johannesburg to Beijing, through Dubai on 19th October, 2018. Had to buy a new bag in Beijing and am now in the Emirates Lounge waiting to board my return flight to Johanessburg, via EK 765 at 1420 hrs. Have photos of my damaged bag and the tag. How can you help me guys

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