The British Airways app’s description is “To Fly, To Serve” and they strive to serve you by meeting your travel needs with this handy app.

British Airways mobile app

The most unique feature of the British Airways app is that it offers a personalized home screen when you are logged in so that you don’t have to click around looking for any information. The app will showcase a picture themed to your next destination and will provide you with the details of your flight and give you easy access to your boarding pass. You will be able to track flights on the British Airways app and easily access them from your home page.

You can book flights and find the cheapest fares available from top destinations from the app. You can personalize these recommendations depending on your choices such as business class, one way or return or specific destination.

When booking flights, you are able to book for more than one person but are unable to book multi-city destinations or choose different classes for both tickets. You can choose your preference between lowest price and most flexible tickets. The app is very aesthetically pleasing as you wait for your available flights to load, the app will show images of your departure and destination cities.

British Airways mobile app

You can compare pricing between classes during your search and the app separates direct flights and connecting flights and provides flight times. Your flight summary page gives the basic information and prices and allows for links for more information such as flight details, price breakdowns and baggage allowances. The detailed information pops up on separate screen but you can easily exit out to see your flight summary again.

if you are using the app to pick someone up from the airport, you can choose to track flights. You can find flights to track by choosing from the route, flight number or airport. You can also use the Timetable option to view all flights flying between cities for certain dates which could be helpful if you are discussing and planning trip while out and about and just want to get a feel for your options.

mobile app flight tracker

If you are an Executive Club Member, you can use the app to keep track of your rewards and points. The app will store your transaction history on your phone so you can see how and when you are gaining points. You are unable to register for the Executive Club from the app and must do so on British Airways website.

The British Airways app allows you to upgrade your seats or view your entertainment options for your flight. Another handy tool is that it allows you to add your flights to your calendar or send them via email for easy management. You can also download your boarding pass and save it to your Apple wallet or access it from the app making check in convenient.

The British Airways app focuses on being a beautifully designed app and less on creating lot of different tools for users. If you are looking for a simple app to manage your travel or book a flight, then you will enjoy this app but if you are a more serious traveller who needs more options, you will not be impressed.

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