Frontier Airlines is a budget airline that features low-cost flights. Their app allows you to check-in to your flight, book flights, pay for checked baggage, choose seats, monitor flight status, view interactive maps and find out more about destination cities.

Frontier Airlines

When you open the Frontier app, you are encouraged to allow Frontier to use your location so it can show you airports near you and destinations you can fly to from those airports. By clicking on the city, you can learn more about the city and book a flight to there.

When booking a flight, you can enter a promo code at the beginning of your search. You can book round-trip or one-way flights from the Frontier app, depending on what you need for your travel plans. This process can take some time because Frontier does not fly as many flights as other airlines and if the date you put it does not have a flight available, there is no option to find the closest flights. You have to start your search over. Frontier does keep you informed as to what step you are in during the process with easy to understand icons at the top of the page so you know how many steps you have until you complete the process.

Frontier mobile app

The app will time out though if you have to stop booking your flight for whatever reason and it will not remember your past searches requiring you to being the process all over again. This can be very frustrating for on the go users who are trying to book their flights conveniently and quickly.

The flight status option differs from other airline apps. Because Frontier does not fly as many flights, they will list all of the flights today from a specific airport. You can specify more and look up flights to a certain airport or you can view flights from the day before or the following day. You can view the status of all the flights from one page.

The destination and route map is useful if you do not where Frontier flies and want to see all of their destinations. You can zoom into the map and press on the destinations to see the routes that fly through the destination. You can also click on any city to learn more about each particular city. The detail information will give a brief description of the city from TripAdvisor, along with a pretty photo.

Frontier Airlines mobile routes

You can check in using the Frontier app by logging in or retrieving your booking by clicking on the “My Flights” icon. The My Flights icon will also have your mobile boarding pass and the app supports Google wallet. When checking in, you can add a checked bag, add a carry-on bag or upgrade your seat.

The Frontier app is limited in its features but Frontier is a budget airline that is also limited with its options and features so the app matches what the airline has to offer.

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  1. Mary Asher says:

    Can you please tell me how to book a one way flight on this app? I can’t figure it out and its making me crazy.

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