Based out of Taiwan, EVA Air caters to many international travelers and that is evident on their homepage where there are three different time zone clocks to help give travelers a sense of time while they are between flights.

EVA Air mobile

EVA provides their users everything need directly from the homepage. If you are a member of EVA’s reward program, you can log into the Member’s Area to check your miles, sign up for text flight notifications and see the latest news or updates from EVA.

The timetable option lets you view all available flights for upcoming dates and include details such as flight time and aircraft type so you can preplan your trip before you book.

A unique tool on the EVA app is that you can sign up for SMS text notifications when you are tracking a flight. You can simply click the SMS button to be notified of take-offs and landings of the flight you are watching. You can find flights by searching departure and arrival cities or by searching flight number. You can subscribe to text message updates up to 7 days in advance to be notified of any delay or cancellation.

EVA Air mobile app

While you can check in with the EVA app, it does not allow you the option to download a mobile boarding pass. You can access your booking, choose your seat and check in but EVA requires you to pick up your boarding pass at least one hour before the flight. If you do not pick up your boarding pass with a desk agent, they will cancel your mobile check in. This can be inconvenient for travelers who value the ability to use their phone for their boarding pass.

When booking your flight on the EVA app, you can choose a round trip or a one way and you can choose to search with flexible dates so your results will show flights within 2-3 days of your request dates. You also have the ability to booking more than one ticket and purchasing for children and infants during the process. EVA does not allow for multi-city destinations. The results page is not very mobile friendly. The results are in a chart with the departure dates in the left column and return flights across the top column and you must scroll to find the flights you want on the specific days. It’s confusing at first glance. Once you’ve picked your dates, your results will show the flights available and the price. You can view the availability and prices of the different classes as well. Once you choose your flights, the app will provide you with flight itineraries and price breakdowns before your proceed to payment.

EVA Air mobileAn added feature of the EVA app is that you can get details on the meals provided during certain flights, which will help you if you have allergies or picky eaters and need to know ahead of time what will be served.

Apart from text messages, the EVA app does offer many useful features for travelers and could expand on their apps capabilities.

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