ANA presents a clean layout on their homepage, providing you with several options to help make booking and managing your travel easier. You can choose to book a flight, check your flight status, check in online, access your booking, get more information, contact ANA or see the main menu.

ANA mobile app

When you are logged in, the homepage also provides you with the info for your upcoming flight including your departure time and time until security check in. You are also able to see your miles and Sky Coins balance from your homepage.

ANA is one of the few airlines that allows you to book multiple city flights. It also allows you to compare fares with three days before and after so you can see if you are getting the best price. You can choose your preferred class and enter any promo codes before you begin your search. The results page tags best fare with a little icon in the corner so you can easily find the best value. When you’ve chosen your flights, you will be able to choose between your classes and will show you the fare breakdown, as well as, the miles. ANA does not provide you with any way to see where you are in the process as you move through the booking process.

ANA mobile booking

You can check in through the ANA app and download your ticket to your device or add it to your Apple Wallet or Passbook. ANA is available for the Apple watch and allows you to access your flight information from the watch.

For travelers looking to navigate international airports, the ANA app will come in handy as they offer an airport guide with information about airport facility and basic information. These guides include information such as maps, immigration information, details on transit and baggage information. The guides can also guide you through the airport to where you need to be whether that is a security inspection or flight gate.

ANA also provides in-flight information. From the app, you learn about special meals, WiFi service, entertainment and duty-free shopping. You can also learn about baggage allowances and rules.

ANA mobile app info

The ANA app offers an enormous amount of information for flyers. You can research almost anything you need to know about ANA, its planes, its amenities and its flight plans. Many parts of the app are designed and operate like mobile websites pages.  While it is robust in information, the ANA app does not provide as many tools for travelers. It does not provide updates on checked baggage or offer availability for to record and save information regarding your parking space at your home airport. While the homepage and menu are well designed and have easy navigation, the amount of information and the layout cuts down on the actual convenience of the app when you are within the pages.

For travelers looking to gain the most information possible about their flight and their airline, the ANA app will be extremely useful for you.

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