easyJet is a straightforward app that allows passengers to book, check in and manage their bookings for their upcoming travels with easyJet. The app is bright, bold and easy to read with large letters and fairly simple navigation processes.

easyJet mobile app

When you are logged in the homepage is personalized to your flight. The flight tracker button will read “On time” or “Delayed,” the boarding passes box will tell you how many boarding passes you currently have and the “my flights” box will let you know when your next flight is coming up. The bottom two boxes, the car and hotel boxes are slightly misleading. They will lead you out of the app and into your web browser to separate sites to search for and book hotels and cars.

When booking your flights, you can scroll through dates to see different flights available. When booking, you can choose to add luggage or additional add-ons before you book. You will see a fare breakdown and can sign in with or check out as a guest.

As you navigate through the app and pages load, easyJet will show you pretty images of the different destinations you are searching for to help make the load time process easier.

easyJet mobile app booking

In the flight tracker, you can quickly look up flights between various airports that will arrive or have arrived within 24 hours. You can get more detailed information and you can choose to be sent alerts for these flights so that you are constantly updated on the status of the flight.

You can check in to your flight using the easyJet app. While there is no express button that says “Check In” which can be confusing, you can do so by clicking the “My Flights” button and signing in using your login or your booking reference number.

The app allows you to scan your passport so you can check in for international flights and lets you store your boarding pass in the app or in the Passbook for easy access. You can store up to five boarding passes and access them without internet access. You also have the option to upgrade your seat, add baggage or sports equipment or even to change your flight inside of the app. You can stay up to date with your flights and get real-time information by using the GPS tracker to map your plane while you are on your flight. The app provides gate and baggage information for 12 airports including, Belfast, Bristol, Edinburg, Geneva, London Gatwick, and Milan. The app also tells you the weather forecast and currency exchange rates for your destination.

easyJet mobile flightsThe app is available for the Apple Watch, providing real-time updates for upcoming flights, weather information, currency exchange and the ability to Facebook or Tweet at various parts of the trip from the watch.

Overall the easyJet app does what it sets out to do, help you manage and book your flights. It is not fully featured but it is clean and streamlined and offers exactly what you need at your fingertips. There’s now way to get lost or overwhelmed while using the app. 

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