Ryanair promotes the lowest fares in Europe and their app’s goal is to make a booking as convenient as it is inexpensive. True to Ryanair’s form, booking is straightforward on the app. You can choose how many tickets you are buying and whether you would like one-way or roundtrip. 

Ryanair mobile app

Ryanair does not, however, offer the opportunity to book multi-city trips. You can type in your destination for departure and arrival or choose from the list and then choose between Standard fare and Business plus. The details of the flights include the flight number and flight duration. The app also shows discounts on standard and business fares on the flight results pages.

As you book, you will be able to view the seat map to easily choose your seat. You can purchase with credit or debit card. Ryanair will charge a fee for credit card processing and will show that fee upon check out. When you log in, the app will securely save your card info so you can easily and conveniently book more flights and purchase upgrades from the app.

When your trip is booked, you can manage it from your app as well. You can choose you in-flight extras, monitor your flight status and check in. The Ryanair app also allows you to beat the line and purchase priority boarding or the Fast Track.Ryanair mobile app booking

Your boarding pass will download to your app or can be saved in the Apple wallet. Even if you’ve checked in online, your boarding pass will automatically load into your app without you having to do anything. If you are logged in and have booked hotel or cars online or through the Ryanair app, you will be able to access those reservations and bookings from the app. You can click the buttons to hotel bookings and rental car reservations but they will take you out of the app and into your web browser. They have partnered with booking.com to give you a wide range of hotels to choose from that will integrate with your Ryanair account.

If you’re tracking flights, RyanAir will provide you with a list of all the flights flying between your specified origin and destination. The results page is clean but you won’t be able to mark or track any flights as you can with other apps. You can enable push notifications and in-app messages int he Ryanair app to stay informed as you prepare for your travel, the day of your trip and while at the airport waiting for your flight.

Ryanair flight status

RyanAir prides itself on being the low cost and simplified airline. Their app is similar to being a streamlined process and no-frills process. You won’t find any bells and whistles with the RyanAir app but that’s not why you fly RyanAir so it might be the perfect app for you.

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