Air France organizes your travel plans with minimal effort. Manage your Flying Account, check into your flight, download your boarding pass and stay up to date on the latest news.

Air France mobile app homepage

The most unique feature of the Air France app is their homepage, which is designed to act as a mini newsfeed keeping you up to date on your reservations, relevant news and any newspaper or magazines you choose to download. You can personalize your newsfeed and customize it as you see fit.

Booking a flight on the Air France app offers you options to compare prices with other dates near your chosen flight times. You can scroll through the different options and be able to compare the different prices, as well as the different classes. The lowest fare will be highlighted in green. After you have chosen your flights, you will be able to choose your seats, meal preferences and baggage fees. You will be able to see your fare and get a detailed look at the how the fare breaks down. If you are booking an international flight, you can scan your passport. With the app, you can add your Loyalty number to gain your points and enter any promo code you may have. The Air France app will save past searches in case you need to stop your search for any reason and will save any of your personal information, such as your passport info so that when you book more flights, your information is entered with just the click of a button.

Air France mobile app flight booking

You will be able to access your trip options such as rental car, hotel options, activities, airline transfer and parking but all of these options will take you out of the app.

You can track flights and see your flight status, giving you a look at any delays or cancellations. The Air France also allows you to send flight status via text message directly from the app so you can keep your family and friends up to date with your travel. The app also gives you the ability to auto sync your reservations to your calendar.

If you are a Flying Blue member, you will be able to track your miles balance. The Air France app also lets you book an Award ticket if you have enough miles. The app will also hold a copy of your Flying Blue card so you can access it, even when you are offline.

Air France packge dealsWhen you turn on notifications, you will receive all of the information you need about your trip in real time, including when check-in or boarding is opened, or if the gate has changed. You can also receive notifications for the latest offers around your area.

The Air France app also integrates with Apple Watch. With the Apple Watch, you can view your flight information, see your seat number and access you rewards points.

The Air France is a well designed and intuitive app. It includes many useful features that flyers will love and utilize on a regular basis.

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