The sleek KLM app is all about keeping you one step ahead on your travels. With the KLM app, you can book your flights, manage your bookings and manage your flight status.

KLM mobile app

The booking system starts off as a clean process. You choose your cities, your preferred class, your dates but if there are no flights on your dates, the app does not give you other options, such as other dates near your preferred dates or other destinations near your preferred destinations. You have to start over and choose a different date or destination which can be frustrating if you need to find flights quickly.

Once you do find flights on your preferred dates and specific destinations, the KLM app will provide you with price comparisons with nearby dates. The app will show you if the flight is operated by KLM or one of its partner airlines, as well as any transfers. Your trip summary page will break down your trip by flights, times and include a final price at the end. Before you check out, you will be able to add extra options such as extra baggage or upgrading your class or travel insurance. KLM will securely save your information so you can check out with one click when you book future flights.

KLM mobile app booking

Flying Blue members can log in to view their miles and benefits, as well as their, Flying Blue status. You can manage your flight details from the app. If you want to change seats or add bags before your flight, you can do so within the app. 

Check in is easy with the KLM app. All you need to do is click check in and if you are logged in with your account, the app will take care of the rest. You can download your boarding pass in the app or save it to your Google wallet. Once you are checked in, the KLM app will send you notifications regarding your flight so you can be informed of delays, gate changes or when boarding is open.

A drawback to the app is that it does not allow you to check flight status without navigating to the KLM mobile website. This is inconvenient if you want to keep an eye on your flight before you check in or if a family member files KLM often and you want to be aware of when their flights land.

KLM mobile menuFor Apple Watch users, the KLM app integrates with the device, giving you a look at your award miles and how close you are to the next status. You will also be able to view your flight information and check in from your watch.

While the KLM app is limited, it is beautifully designed, quick and easy to use and it does complete what it sets out to do which is give you the ability to book flights and manage your trips. It can be improved with more options for tracking your baggage, tracking flights and having access to more trip options and travel plans.

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