Lufthansa app lets you handle everything for your Lufthansa Airline travel. You can manage your bookings, book travel and keep up with your miles and account history.

The Lufthansa homepage gives you all of your main options right up front. You can choose to find a flight status, check-in, book flights, manage your bookings and check your miles. You can even view the latest deals from Lufthansa.

Lufthansa mobile

Lufthansa is one of the few airline apps that lets you book multi-stop travel. It also will save your bookings and your recent searches. You can sort the search results by duration, departure time, number of stops, arrival time or price. After you’ve chosen your flights, you can select your seats, buy train tickets and add travel insurance directly from the app. Lufthansa also allows you to log in, enter your frequent flyer and request a special meal. You have the option to save your information for future bookings. You will be able to save your passport or visa information as well, which will help expedite your check in process later on when it’s time to head to your flight.

The flight status tool is useful if you are tracking your flight or someone else’s. You can search upcoming flights in the next few days by flight number or airports. You can choose to subscribe to the departure or the arrival, email your flight status, add it to your calendar or check into your flight. The flight status will also provide you with the current weather in your destination so you know how to pack!Lufthansa mobile booking

All of your travel information for your flight will be one easy to find page so all you need to do is to quickly check and get everything you need to know. You’ll be able to track your baggage and view your baggage receipts. You can also turn on your notifications to be sent information about your flight so you are up to date on gate changes, delays and flight info.

You can check into your flight from the Lufthansa app. You are able to download your boarding pass or save it to your Apple wallet. Also from the Lufthansa app, you can request another boarding pass if you checked in on another device and no longer have access to your boarding pass.

Lufthansa flight statusWhile you’re waiting at the airport, you can learn more about what it has to offer with the app. You can find a lounge directory, find out how to get to and from the airport and details on boarding from Lufthansa’s hubs.

Lufthansa app quickly loads, is easy to navigate and will provide you with everything you need for your travel plans.

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