Alaska Airlines is one of the few airline apps with many positive reviews in the app store. It offers an elegant design with beautiful photos, convenient booking capabilities, mobile check in, available upgrades, provides notifications and integrates well with your phone’s calendar. Your options are clear on the homepage: book a trip, add a reservation or sign in to manage your MileagePlan account…

Alaska Airlines mobileYou have the options to use miles on the Alaska Airlines app from the very first page of the booking process. The app does not allow for multi-city destinations but gives you the opportunity to upgrade to a higher level, like MVP or Gold, put in discount codes and choose your preferred cabin. The search results page will show you the lowest fares and you can view available seats and flight details. Load time can be slow when looking for flight details or seats and that information is not always available. Your flight summary page the details of your flight, airfare taxes, fees and charges, baggage rules and fare regulations. The booking process does not tell you the amount of steps you are on so it’s not clear how far along you are in the process and you cannot save or pause the booking process. When you exit the page, you need to start over.

Alaska Airlines mobile

Logging into your account will keep all of your travel information in one place. You will be able to see a list of your trips, see your fight schedule and easily email it to your friends and family with one click. You can check into your flight starting 24 hours before take off from the Alaska Airlines app and save your boarding pass to your phone and it integrates with Google Wallet. During check in from the app, you are able to choose your seat. If necessary you can, keep an eye on the First Class and Standby lists for your flight from the app. Members of the Mileage Plan will be able to track their points using the app and view their account history and balance. Mileage and member tiers update automatically in the app as you book travel and gain points.

You can set your notifications so that you are notified when your flight is available for check in, when there are any flight changes, when an earlier flight is available and when your connecting gate is announced. You have the option to turn these notifications on and off individually, customizing to how you are kept up to date.

Alaska Airlines mobile notifications

The Alaska Airline app also works on the Apple Watch. With just a quick glance, you can see how long until your trip, your flight and gate information and estimated time until arrival, among other important details.

Overall, Alaska has a clean and intuitive easy to use interface. It manages every piece of your travel plans easily and efficiently and updates quickly. For travelers who want to skip the headaches and make air travel a breeze, Alaska Airlines has the perfect app for you.

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