Virgin America does not offer a mobile app but you can check in for your flight, purchase flights and manage travel from the mobile app. Booking a flight is easy on Virgin America. Well formatted and easy to read, you can choose from one-way, round trip or multi-city trip. As you make your choices, your price will update in the upper right corner. On the flight selection page, Virgin will give you additional flight options within 7 days of your selected dates so you can get an idea of prices and will allow you to enter a promo code. After you’ve chosen your flights, you have the choice to sign in so you can gain your frequent flyer miles.

Virgin America mobile

Check in is quick and painless on the Virgin website. You can sign in as a non-member or an Elevate members and check in and view your boarding pass. Virgin recently allowed boarding passes to be saved to your Passbook so that users no longer have to keep opening up their Safari browser. You can also access your boarding pass if you’ve already checked in not on mobile by viewing your itinerary, clicking boarding pass and viewing boarding pass. Virgin also gives you an electronic receipt for a flight taken in the last 6 months.

You can check flight statuses from the mobile website. The flight status result page is not streamlined very well. The flights and the flight details show up in a grid. You have to scroll horizontally to be able to see flight details such as gate and arrival time. Since it’s a mobile website, you do not have the ability to set notifications or track any flights unless you are logged in.

Virgin America

If you are an Elevate member or are logged into the app, you can add flight alerts. Under the My Account tab, you can choose to option for automatic alerts. You have the option of being alerted via email or SMS or both of any changes to your schedule. You can also sign up for one-time flight alerts for any upcoming flight you might have.

Virgin will update their flight deals based on where you are located or where you are searching flights to so you can browse relevant deals and book directly from the website. The website lets you view deals as points or in dollars, depending on how you are looking to spend.

If you’re not sure of where Virgin flies, you can get more information from their route maps. They list their hubs on a colorful page and all you need to do is click on one to see a list of where they flight and book your flight immediately.

Virgin America mobile

Virgin is known to do things differently and to provide a smooth flying experience with tons of amenities. It’s surprising they have not yet created a mobile app for their airline. Their website offers a user-friendly interface and it acts just as many of the mobile apps do, it’s still lacking in some core features and integration that would make it an excellent tool for travelers.

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