Sun Country Airlines offers a mobile website designed to help you on the go. Their homepage gives you the four most popular options for on the move travelers right up front, allowing you to check a flight status, view your itinerary, check in online and look up flight schedules.

Sun Country websiteThe booking option is not well designed, and you have to spend some time scrolling to find your actual flight. The Sun Country mobile site does allow you to see an overview of roundtrip fares for both coach and first class at the beginning of your search. You can also book a flight package that includes hotel options for you to bundle your travel altogether. You can purchase with Ufly miles and Sun Country Airline vouchers.

When tracking flights, you can search using flight number or arrival and departure cities. The site will give you the most up to date status and actual arrival and departure times. There is no way to sign up for notifications or text message to track your flights through the site, so you are required to keep checking and refreshing.Sun Country website booking

SunCountry does give you the ability to sign in using your confirmation code or sign in using your Ufly rewards. If you are not a member of Ufly rewards, you can join from the mobile website. You can manage your travel, view your itinerary and check in online when you are logged in.

The flight schedule tool lets you look up flight schedules by month. You can choose the month you are planning to fly and type in your departure city. The site will provide a list of destination cities and you can click on each one to see a list of all the dates when flights will fly. You are also able to view weekly timetables as well. The weekly schedules include times of the flights, but the monthly will only provide the dates.

Sun Country flight trackerYou will be able to find lots of information on Sun Country’s site about their destinations, route maps, baggage policies and TSA alerts. You can also search information about in-flight amenities including entertainment and meal options.

Navigating through the site is a bit awkward. Every time you use the back button, the site will ask you if you want to resubmit the form you have just completed (even if you haven’t filled out any part of the form at all). It’s best to navigate back to the home menu by using the menu button in the upper right corner.

SunCountry has an excellent start to a mobile presence but navigation is awkward, and they are years behind their competitors in terms of capabilities and user friendliness of their mobile site.

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