Qatar Airways welcomes you with an elegantly designed and easy to navigate homepage. It offers many go-to options as soon as you open the app. Booking a flight on the Qatar Airways mobile app has several pros and cons. It is limited as you can not book multi-city flights and you cannot book flights to Nigeria from the app.

Qatar mobile app

The app also does not allow you to book using your miles. The app will save recent searches for those who are searching on the go. As you are searching, you can sort your search results by price, departure time or duration. Once you choose your flights, the app will give you a more detailed look at your flight and flight options and provides a price breakdown and full trip summary before you complete your booking.

Unlike other airline apps, Qatar will allow you to choose different classes for different parts of your trip (if you wanted to fly economy on the departing flight and business class on the return flight). You can also book a hotel from the confirmation page of your booking for more convenience.Qatar Airways mobile app

The Qatar Airways also provides you with options to search for their latest offers and view details if you are looking for a quick getaway or great deal. You can also sign up for exclusive offers from within the app.

Privilege Club members can access their account, manage their miles, claim miles from past flights view their latest activities.

The Qatar Airways app does integrate with Apple wallet. You can download your mobile boarding pass when you check in on the app. You can also choose to receive notifications for check in opens, available upgrades, when boarding opens or your baggage carousel information in the Doha airport only.

You can check flight statuses to monitor any departing or arriving flights. This is helpful to keep an eye on if flights are delayed or arriving early but the app notes that schedules may not be up to date and flights operated by airline partners do not update on the app and that it is best to contact the airline for the latest update.

IMG_1070The biggest issue with the Qatar app is its tendency to freeze and shut down. The app does not remember your log in info so if it freezes while you are in the middle of booking a flight or checking into your flight, you will be required to log in all over again and begin your process again after you have restarted the app.

Overall, while it has its benefits, the Qatar Airlines app acts more as a mobile website and less as a mobile app. It lacks convenient tools that many other apps have implemented to help travelers who are on the go. The integration with Apple wallet is one of its newest updates and shows the app is just beginning to integrate more into a convenient mobile on-the-go tool and less as a website but it has a ways to go.

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